Faculty Menu Help

Calendar, Academic
The academic calendar identifies important dates throughout the semester related to class meetings and academic deadlines.

Class Lists
You can view your class list or retrieve an electronic version of your class list.

Code of Conduct for Students
The Penn State Code of Conduct describes behaviors that are inconsistent with the essential values of the University community.

The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 protects the privacy of student education records and identifies the rights of students with respect to education records maintained by institutions.

Course Syllabus/Vita URLs
You can enter or revise your vita URL or your course syllabus URL.

Early Progress Report
You can identify students in the campus-selected population who are making unsatisfactory progress.

Final Exam Schedule
You can view your final exam schedule for the current semester and view individual student conflicts. You can also send yourself an e-mail of your final exam schedule.

Grade Change
You can change final semester grades.

Grade Entry
You can enter or revise your final semester grades.

Grade Review
You can review your final semester grades for either the current or previous semester.

Penn State Principles
The Penn State Principles were developed to embody the values held by the University community.

Prerequisite Class List
You can obtain a listing of registered students who have not completed the prerequisites for the courses you are teaching.

Schedule of Courses
The Schedule of Courses is a Web application available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week containing a complete listing of course offerings and availability for all campus locations.