1. What do I need in order to use eLion?
  2. There are two main requirements for accessing eLion:

    1. Your computer must use both a compatible operating system (OS) and web browser (more...)
    2. Depending on your affiliation with Penn State, you must be properly authorized to use eLion
      1. Current Students
      2. Former Students
      3. Advisers
      4. Parents/Other
      5. Friends of Penn State

  3. When is eLion available?
  4. Please see the official eLion Hours of Availability for details.

  5. What do I do if I have trouble using eLion?
  6. If you can't get past the eLion Main Menu, you may need to change the settings on your web browser. Depending on the type and version of your browser you could get different types of errors. One common error is with the security settings. Check to make sure you have SSL enabled.

    If you are having trouble on the Penn State User Authentication page, your Penn State user ID and/or password may be incorrect. Contact Information Technology Services (ITS) Accounts Office.

    If you successfully logged into eLion, but you are having trouble using some of the eLion services, please contact the AIS Support Center.

  7. I'm getting a message that says my records can't be found on the Student Database. What should I do?
  8. It is possible that your Penn State user ID that is supposed to be joined/linked with your Penn State Student ID is either missing or inaccurate. Contact Information Technology Services (ITS) Accounts Office and ask them to verify this on ISIS screen ARUSPB and if necessary, have them correct the Penn State user ID.

  9. I think my academic record may be incorrect. How do I get it corrected?
  10. You should contact the Registrar's office at your campus to initiate a review of any academic record information that you believe to be incorrect.

  11. Can I send my eLion email reports to other email addresses?
  12. All of the eLion email reports are sent to your Penn State Access Account mailbox (e.g. youruserid@psu.edu) as a default. Using either Penn State WebMail or a standard email client that pulls email from your Penn State Access Account mailbox (e.g., Eudora), retrieve the report that you generated from eLion and forward a copy of that report to other email addresses of your choosing.

  13. I'm an academic adviser/faculty member, but I can't access the "Advisers" section of eLion. How can I get access?
  14. To access the adviser applications, you must (1) have a Penn State Access Account (user ID and password) and (2) be listed by your department as an academic adviser on the appropriate ISIS screen. Complete details about this are available at How to Obtain Access for Advisers.

  15. What can parents access?
  16. With their student’s authorization, parents can receive access to the following student information: Academic Verification, Semester Bill, Bursar Account, and Hope/Lifetime Tax

  17. I have questions/comments about eLion. Whom should I contact?
  18. If you have questions or comments that are directly related to the use of various eLion services, you may email the AIS Support Center.

    If the questions you have are related to your particular academic records presented to you from eLion, you should follow the link, “This page is maintained by eLion”, contained at the bottom the of eLion page where that record is displayed.

  19. I need my name to appear on either my eLion Grade Report or Advising Transcript request in order to receive reimbursement from my employer. Can eLion accommodate this request?
  20. The official University position on receiving class completion validation for reimbursement purposes is to use one of the following two methods:

    1. Request an official transcript.
    2. Before the end of the semester, submit a request through the eLion "Mail Semester Grades" application to have your grades mailed to your home address of record at no cost. If you desire official confirmation, this process needs to be repeated each semester.

  21. How can I pay my bill electronically?
  22. The Bursar's office provides a number of payment options to pay the tuition bill. The available options can be found at Payment Options.