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Alternative Majors
View a list of Penn State baccalaureate majors (at all locations) that are similar to a major that interests you.

College Cost Estimate
The College Cost Estimate gives you a breakdown of estimated cost related to a Penn State undergraduate education. You can select any Penn State campus location, grade level, and numerous other criteria that apply to you and obtain your own personalized undergraduate college cost estimate.

Course Preferences
Identify majors that are available to you based on the courses you decide not to take. From the list of majors you identify, select each major for more information.

Early Aid Estimate
The Early Aid Estimate is available (between October 15 and February 28) to students who are newly admitted to Penn State for the next academic year and would like an estimate of what types of student aid would be available to them.

Exploring Majors
Learn how to explore majors. Link to University resources that can assist you in the exploration process.

Major Themes
Create a list of Penn State baccalaureate majors that may interest you by identifying areas of interest, selecting themes (groups of majors) related to those interests, and choosing campus locations. Select the links provided to read more information about each major on the list.

Transferring Credits
Enables you to enter course work that you have taken, or plan to take at another institution, and view Penn State's review of that course work.

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